Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Kilimanjaro Tribe only focused on helping one race of people?

Contrary to what today's western ideologies promote. There is no such thing as race.

  • Is Kilimanjaro Tribe promoting false propaganda that only highlights African spirituality as the only culture and the only perspective?

Kilimanjaro Tribe embraces African Spirituality to highlight the origins of all cultures and origins of the original reality for all of humanity. It is a historical fact that Africa is the place of origins for all life, culture, and sciences. 

  • Are all subscribers of required to participate in rituals or subscribe to Kilimanjaro Tribe concepts?

It is not required for anyone to participate in rituals. However, it is a fact that as humans we are all ritual beings who exhibit a striking parallel between our ritual and verbal behavior. Rituals have historically been used as a way of defining or describing humans. 

  • Why does Kilimanjaro Tribe support sexuality and forms of sexual expression? This is not holy or god-like. 

Spirituality was realized by humans observing and being in tune with nature. By humans embracing the actions of nature as the natural order of life. Sexuality is a natural and good thing to express. It was western cultural perspectives that deemed and branded sexuality as perversion. 

Membership subscription Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How do I cancel my membership subscription?

 Please click the following link to fill out our cancellation request form. 

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