Registration: 8/24/20-8/31/20 | Class begins: 9/1/20

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be god all the way

The original blueprint

Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Divine thoughts proven via Neuroplasticity Creates Divine DNA, Epigenetics. Be God All The Way. Live life with Intent, Purpose, Focus and Great Expectation To Manifest Desires. 


Is the core need of every path and every pursuit. Without it, our lives feel empty, dead, directionless, and meaningless. Without it, we remain psychologically and spiritually immature. In other words, without soulwork we can never ripen into our fullest potential."

- Mateo Sol

Course Description:

  • A 30 day simplistically profound spiritual course outlining the essentials needed to begin your soulwork.

  • Backed with scientifically supported knowledge and use of NLP, Neuroplasticity, and Epigeneitcs this course effectively guides you to discover the power of thoughts to invoke the placebo effect. 4-part course presented by the founder Kam Moe of Kilimanjaro Tribe.

  • Featuring a contribution from Affiliate Shelley Parris of The Womb Sanctuary.A 3 Day Sacred me self-gifting treat from The Womb Sanctuary found at the end of each week. A congratulations for choosing to Be God All The Way!

We are so excited that you chose to say yes to your rejuvenation back to your divine self. 


Registration: 8/24/20-8/31/20 | Class begins: 9/1/20

To register is $25 through our Refer-A-Friend plan. Please take the time to fill out the information below.

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about the kilimanjaro tribe platform

Our method offers a revolutionary holistic approach to spiritual healing via the modern  sciences of Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, NLP, and most importantly Ancient  African Spirituality. Our platform provides a variety of tools that allow enlightened people to express themselves spiritually through their passions.  Express your perspectives of life via our Supreme Mfalme show or participate in thought-provoking podcasts on Be God All The Way Radio. Our members can use our social media platform Tribe Talk to network and build their business. Members can even participate in daily Spiritual Fitness sessions to develop mental toughness. Get connected! Expand and grow your network with like-minded people!

Mission statement

The Kilimanjaro Tribe platform Was created to be a Spiritual Fitness gym and network for like minded people who are dedicated to Living their lives with Purpose, Focus, Intent and the Great Expectation of Being God All The Way. This revolutionary concept is realized by utilizing the manifestation sessions and other tools within the site to Re-Wire and train our minds Daily to develop and heal ourselves internally. “Become the change needed to change our environment” ~ Kilimanjaro Tribe

the founder

Kilimanjaro Tribe LLC was established in April 2018 but was born out of enlightened optimism during the economic crisis and Social Unrests in 2020. Emphasizing an even exchange of energy, we developed a unique way for the growing community to participate in natural solutions for self-development, Spiritual Healing, and a conscious way of exchanging energy for New Holistic Entrepreneurs to earn money in exchange for their time and services. The founder of Kilimanjaro Tribe realized the need to provide our community of enlightened people with a powerful tool to assist like-minded individuals on our journey back to our divine self.

Kilimanjaro Tribe Affiliates


Refer-A-friend plan

Option to earn residual income and support your brand by inviting others to do the same!

Member Activation Includes:

- Online Spiritual Tools

(courses, discounted offers to premium coaching sessions,  audio manifestation sessions, documentaries + more)

-2 Free Event Tickets

(On-Site + Online)

- Residual Income & Brand Exposure

Option to earn residual income and support your brand by inviting others to do the same! Earn $20 for every friend you invite to experience front seat to their divine activation to Be God All The Way!

-Free Access to Tribe Talk

Social Site.

Get Connected! Expand your network with like-minded people! 

Upcoming Events

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    Unknown, Unknown, Orlando, FL 32822, USA
    1 hour spiritual fitness sessions in group locations . Social distancing will be used. Bring your own yoga matts, limited additional matts on hand.

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